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People, Not Just Parts

Health Autonomy Convergence, 2023 (virtual)

presentation/writing workshop

workshop description: Many times therapeutic spaces refer to the 'parts' of self, as parts of one single whole person. This approach can reinforce the premise that a 'singular' self experience is the only one possible, and more so, the only one desired. This workshop will dive into the lived aspects of multiplicity/plurality, from a Mad lens. Madness acts as a lens to deconstruct the diagnosis of our lived experience and ground it in naturally occurring non-singular experiences of our world around us. Weaving in approaches from a traditional presentation mixed with a writing workshop, this workshop will connect multiplicity across plant, fungal, and animal kingdoms through introspection and creative prompts, challenging curiosity to expand in health and healing spaces.

If you liked this hybrid workshop offering, we are grateful for your support. thank you!

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