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kitty lu bear | hydra system


kitty lu bear is a white, disabled, queer, trans non-binary femme. Collectively, they are Mad, multiple & autistic, recognizing that their experience of ‘many in one body’ as a neuroqueer extreme state is the lens through which they experience the world.

They are deeply connected to supporting interdependent solutions around healing justice and accessibility for the LGBTQIA+ community. From facilitating writing workshops to holding space in peer-led support groups, they are interested in the symbiotic nature of community care.

In addition to their love of community health science, kitty has been an independent artist for the last two decades, developing artistic creations in both analog and digital spaces. Driven by curiosity and creativity, their artistic capacity has spanned multiple mediums, including fiber arts, book/zine arts, resin arts, audio & video production, creative fiction/non-fiction writing, dance arts, and most recently, painting.

In May 2020, they graduated from UMN-Twin Cities where they received a interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science in Science and Engineering, Holistic Health and Healing, and Life Sciences, with areas of focus in mathematics/engineering studies, bodymind healing science, and plant/fungal biology. In November 2022, they completed a Queer Intentional Peer Support Certification through IPS.

kitty uses they/them pronouns.

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