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mutain'eer - a femifesto

mutain'eer: a femifesto - co-dreamed by carla bergman & kitty sipple - page 1

mutain'eer: a femifesto - co-dreamed by carla bergman & kitty sipple - page 2

mutain'eer: a femifesto - co-dreamed by carla bergman & kitty sipple - page 3


a femifesto

.on the multitudes of becoming while holding center.

.we embrace the chance to undo the pull, the lean-in for a hard impact.

.we embrace the chance.

.can we contemplate the existence beyond the binary, restricted to the linear, and explore the spatial reference of the other dimensions, adding keystone

moments imagined only in fractal shadows.

.can we find the aspect, a momentary pivot that weaves liminal rites into the liminoid play to discover a liminoidal spectrum adorned with levity.

.we embrace the chance.

.we are mutain’eers.

this is a story dream about our new word


We are

word dreaming // word building


words matter

because naming things is a symbiotic relationship in a linguistic world

Sometimes there are no words in the languages we speak that appeal to the senses of our lived narratives, the stories we reside in sometimes require a

language all of their own. Words gather meaning when their values are

collectively received.

The language we create is the water we swim in, if we are willing to break, both down and open.


a femifesto

to create words is not necessarily a call to innovation but a step into communal alchemy

elements of the fractal spectrum

parts of the connected possibilities

spaces of the endless beginnings

we have non-consensually been called misfits, outsiders, crazy, weirdos, freaks, geeks, and the list goes on.

some fit, some don’t, and some work for some situations, and others never fit.

being othered disconnects us from ourselves. It is a tool of the leaders of empire and its institutions to use to categorize and label.

It leads to subjugation and domination, and it often cuts us off from ourselves and our power, hurting.

In listening to these feelings of being hurt from being othered, we began an intentional care-centred process of conversations with friends.

through this generative process we realized we needed a new word that supports us to feel more connected to ourselves and to one another.

what do new words tell us? they are clues to our past and keys to the future, while allowing us to exist in ways that are free from the invisible tentacles holding us to the violent fires of oppression. reclamation sometimes originates in the imagination.

we like to think of this word as a kind of living word or a rhizome - there is not a finite starting point or ending point of how it became, or how it is becoming.

it is always in motion, like us.

mutain’eer is composed and created with care and love for folks it resonates with.


a femifesto

more of our story of word-building and word-composting


* We are mutants. Mutating. Mutations. Mutate. A change that is present,

dynamic, and in response to a direct generational connection. We mutate from. We mutate to. We are mutating.

* We mutine. We actively resist empire’s internal hold. Together, we move our

bodies, embracing a mutiny that walks towards thresholds and becoming free.

* We sustain and maintain ourselves. We hold our center amidst the external

pressure to fracture. Holding, we blossom, creating a new we.

* We are engineers. We connect the history of engineer to engine’er, which

describes the ‘one who builds an engine’, to the history of engine to ingenium, which describes an ‘innate natural quality’. We are the future builders of ourselves.

In Friendship, we composed this word with a collective we, for a collective us.

This femifesto is an attempt to compost words - remaking and reclaiming - with a hope that it nurtures a sense of belonging in more of us.

we invite you to play with this word in the spirit of solidarity, a solidarity that

embraces and acknowledges our differences within and between us, holding the nuance and warding off the urge to collapse us into sameness.

the mutain’eer femifesto is an invitation to join us in embracing this word,

embracing the chance -- as, together, we walk with tenderness, listening.

and becoming mutain’eers

@fungi_femme @joyfulcarla

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